How did it all start?

I always wanted to have children. I knew, there would be more than one. I didn’t make plans for business and children. Although I knew, that a full-time job wouldn’t give me the opportunities, that I had dreamed of.

I do it for children. Literally and metaphorly.

Every day I look at what my children do, what they play, what they like, where they hide toys (or not hide them at all), collect treasures, present their works. Where to park cars and put to sleep dolls. I’m learning to look at the space through their eyes. When I create furniture, I think about children – how will they use furniture, if would be comfortable for kids or if kids like them. I have a team of testers at home who are busily catching any oversight. When I design, I think – the most of all – about my children. For me, of course, they are unique. I must honestly also admit, that in terms of usability and style of furniture – I don’t think at all. Because they appeal to all children who visit us. It doesn’t matter if furniture is at our home or in the showroom or at the photo session. Sooner or later I always hear “Mom, can I also have a desk like this?” Or “Mom, can I put my horse pictures on it.” Or … “Mom, if I had such a chair, I would definitely be sitting upright” … Ok. Yes, no one said that . But kids like my furniture. Why? Because children are special. And it’s good to look at the world with their eyes sometimes. We can better know, what is good for them. I also create Belmam for my children. To have more time and energy for them. To paint the necessary pictures for the presentation on the organizer. To properly park the car (it is known, that you can’t put yellow next to blue … obvious, true).

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