How to arrange a kindergarten room?

That’s the question I asked myself, when it was a time to arrange a room for my 4-year-old son, Timi. The answer came naturally: Using knowledge about his passions! Timi loves animals, especially those that inhabit the sea, ratings and rivers. I decided that the interior must contain motifs referring to the interests around the aquatic creatures.

First: a blue wall – a background for wood and plywood equipment

The color I decided to use on the wall refers to the theme of the “sea and oceans”. This is also the perfect base for furniture in a natural color of wood – like a bed of plywood, wall shelves, shelves-houses, shelf-TV. Against the background of blue paneling, I also hung a wooden lamp-bus.

Second: the white and blue interior can be cozy!

I decided to achieve this effect thanks to the ubiquitous fabrics – natural and fleshy, in a different form. On the bed I used a yellow cover (also in the quilt) finished with pompons in many colors. For this I added a few different pillows: gray, decorated with an inscription, but also referring to the main theme: a yellow cloud, a whale, a crocodile or amusing octopuses – on which you can fall asleep and use them in play. On the floor with the help of quilted cushions, I created a comfortable play corner, because you know that the best fun is on the floor! And the icing on the cake – the pennants in the dimmed blue color, hanged on the wall above the desk, perfectly match the top lighting.

Thirdly: nothing spoils fun, like cleaning toys – a special wardrobe for such ills ……

… because which child doesn’t have those! The wardrobe has been specially designed for Timi’s room. Apart from the part for clothes: four upper cabinets (for clothing that kid doesn’t use every day – exchanged according to the seasons), doors that hide rods and shelves; at the very bottom I placed two roomy drawers for … toys. Thanks to this Timi can quickly clean up the room and also get to his toys.

Fourth: SHIFT shelves, organizers and wall shelves teach the organization and exhibit favorite toys

Everything that Timi currently likes to play with, in this case: wooden toys, games and the mascot of the giraffe I have exposed on view and close to my son. Timi happy, mommy too!

Fifth: reading room

In children’s rooms, books are still coming. In Timi’s bedroom I used solutions, which meant that even a rich library can easily fit. Favorite titles are duly displayed. Readings, which currently enjoy the most interest, stand on narrow wall shelves suspended one under the other and bearing the slogan: READING ROOM. Books in A4 format, coloring books, folders have their place in the wall organizer at the desk. In addition, depending on the format, I arranged a part of the reading in the Shift bookcase with a chest, and a part in a wire rack, to which higher books are inserted from the top. Timi has the ability to conveniently view the contents of the collection of his books.

How do you like Timi’s room? Go ahead, use the solutions! Maybe they will be perfect in your children’s rooms too.


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